Our goal at Kansas City Canine Orthopedics is to return 100% of our patients to the activity they love and enjoy, whether that is leisurely walks in the neighborhood, playing with unbridled enthusiasm at the dog park, or having a clean run at an agility competition. We strive to meet this goal by having dedicated ourselves relentlessly over the last 15-20 years to becoming one of the most highly skilled and certified orthopedic and sports medicine teams in the world. Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to meet that objective. 


We envision Kansas City Canine Orthopedics as being the most advanced orthopedic and sports medicine sub-specialty center in the Kansas City metropolitan area and beyond. To meet this goal, we will provide state-of-the-art orthopedic and sports medicine treatments including advanced diagnostic imaging, non-surgical sports medicine treatments such as injections of orthobiologics, minimally invasive orthopedic surgery including arthroscopy and minimally invasive fracture repair, joint replacements and resurfacing, joint stabilizations including advanced procedures for CCL rupture (not just TPLO), tendon repair and replacement, limb deformity correction and limb lengthening, joint fusions, and spinal surgery.    

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Kansas City Canine Orthopedics (KCCO) is the only: 


  • orthopedic and sports medicine subspecialty practice in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area

  • practice with a surgeon in the Kansas City area who has extensive experience in, published numerous articles on, and provides joint resurfacing and replacements such as total hip replacement, medial compartment elbow replacement, SynACART focal resurfacing, and osteochondral allograft joint re-surfacing

When our new hospital is complete, it will contain state of the art operating rooms with positive pressure ventilation, laminar airflow, and other specialized features to minimize risk of infection.